Friday, April 4, 2008

Rands in Repose

A couple weeks ago I ran across a blog called Rands in Repose, by Michael Lopp. It is mainly geared towards Software Developers and focuses on management, tech life, and being a nerd. The first article I read was call The Nerd Handbook. If you are a nerd, are dating a nerd, or know a nerd, then you will probably get a kick out of that article.

I ended up spending a few hours reading through his most popular posts and then went so far to order his book: Managing Humans. I enjoyed the book so much that I am here to say that you should definitely consider checking it out. How can you not love a book whose first chapter is called "Don't be a Prick"? The book is geared towards software developers and managers in tech companies, but I think anyone who can relate to Office Space would be able to gain from reading this book.


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