Friday, May 28, 2010

User Group Recap, Links, and Parting Shots

Thanks everyone for coming out this month to Flash Indianapolis. Great turnout!

Building Flash Indianapolis with you guys has been a blast this past year an a half. I am going to miss the meeting of the minds followed by the great conversations and nachos each month. However, I do plan on staying a member so I can keep in touch via e-mail, forums, and the like. So please keep in touch and stay active on the boards. I look forward to seeing where everyone takes Flash Indianapolis under Todd's guidance. Best of luck to you all. Keep in touch by following me here!

As promised, I have a bunch of links to post from the presentation:

First off, we have the amazing Third and Seventh video:

Eric Romer's networking and social media hustle lands him a job at Headblade:

Vizibility - a way to tailor how people search for you:

Template Portfolio Creators:
Monthly for your own domain:

Untested Template Creatorss:

Great custom portfolio example:

Crazy Resume Examples (I think I got this from Josh Corken)

Standard Templates:

Feel Free to build off of my resume. Take what your like and improve on what you dont:

Want to get into Blogging? Check out Goggle Blogger or WordPress.

Want to find Industry Professional Blogs to Follow? Check out Adobe Feeds or find employees of companies you look up to.

LinkedIn - Use it! Join groups, search for jobs, and find employees and HR reps of companies you want to work for and reach out to them.

Monster/Indeed/CareerBuilder/Krop - all great job searches. Refresh your resume occasionally to stay on the top of the list.

Last but not least... check out the cartoon: (classy humor, thanks Eric!)

I think that is it for my brain dump. Feel free to reach out with questions.

Best of luck to everyone!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Flash Indy: Online Portfolio & Self Promotion (May Meeting)

Our next Flash Indianapolis meeting will be: May 27th

I will be the lucky presenter this month. I just finished teaching my first semester at Butler University. The course was called 'Online Portfolio' and it focused on how to present yourself online, make connections, promote yourself, and ultimately find a job & further your career.

I plan on gathering the key topics from this course and presenting them over an hour's span. Depending on time and interest, we will be covering a selection from the following list of topics: portfolio, resume, networking, social media, job search, and interview tips.

This is not Flash specific. It definitely is geared towards the Multimedia industry and it may have a Flash slant; however, I had students from all disciplines including Education/Biology/Business and the general concepts that will be discussed will be relevant to anyone who is looking to further their career.

6:00pm: Doors open. Everyone can meet and greet.
6:30pm: Presentation Begins.
7:30pm: Open Floor
8:00pm: McNivens?

We will be in the conference room of Noodles & Co.
903 Indiana Ave
Indianapolis, IN

RSVP at Flash Indianapolis.