Friday, January 29, 2010

Reminder - Flash Hackerspace Tomorrow! (Indy)

Flash Indianapolis's January meeting is tomorrow from 1-5pm. The best way to describe it is that it is a 'Hackerspace'.

There will be computers available, but feel free to take a laptop.

ITT Technical Institute has graciously offered Theory room 13 and Lab 12 for us to meet in. Their building is located here:
9511 Angola Court
Indianapolis, IN 46268-3160

There will be signs posted to the Theory room.

See everyone tomorrow!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Catching Up, Yet Looking Forward

As the title suggests, I am still catching up from the holidays.

1. I have a backlog of Freelance portfolios to sift through. I completely plan on e-mailing everyone back, if you haven't heard from me then I just have not gotten to you on the list. Again though, there is no specific project in mind yet, this is just preparing for a potential upcoming rush.

2. I need to respond to the feedback I got from the beta testers on SmogOut. Great feedback... hoping to implement as much as I can before it goes final this week.

As for the future...

1. I am sure I will be posting and tweeting about SmogOut soon. From the test its either love or hate right now, I think mainly due to difficulty and learning curve. I am wondering if I can ease it without making the game less addicting to those who love the challenge... we shall see.

2. I just taught my first class at Butler tonight for Online Portfolio. I think we have a great group. Well rounded: Electronic Journalism, Broadcast News, Audio Production, Elementary Ed/French, Biology, Web Design, TV Production, and my personal college choice: Undecided. It should make for some interesting discussions and diverse portfolios.

For a first post of 2010... that is admittedly weak. Hope to follow it up with a strong series from the SmogOut game. Thanks for the read.