Monday, April 28, 2008

Million Dollar Idea

I am going to have one sooner or later I just need to keep on chugging away at it. Today's idea is midget grass. Its normal grass for the most part, it just stops growing after a certain length so that you will never have to mow your lawn. And don't even try to put this in the same league as Astro Turf. This grass is living, producing oxygen, and is much softer and more visually appealing than Astro Turf.

However, I see two problems with this:
1: I know nothing about grass.
2. Some scientists already have a head start....

Thats the problem with these million dollar ideas. They are usually taken. Beach pillows? Taken. Single use packets of peanut butter? Taken. Yard Zamboni??? Now that one is not taken, but that idea clearly sucked and would never work.

So midget grass may not be the answer. But I am getting closer. One of these days I will have one of those cardboard tshirt folder ideas.

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