Thursday, April 10, 2008

AS3 Flash to .NET using SOAP

Ok, I admit the title of this post is absolutely ridiculous. It breaks all the rules of capturing people's attention and getting them excited to read what I have to say. Plus it almost has just as many acronyms as it does real words. Well, tough. This post is for anyone who may be falling into the same trap I did today.

I spent hours today trying to figure out how the hell I am supposed to get Flash to talk to .NET. I am comfortable with Flash and Java Servlets, but .NET is completely another beast. I found Flex solutions. I found AS2 solutions. But I really had to dig in order to find an AS3 Flash solution (seems like Adobe got lazy on porting the AS2 version to AS3). If you stumbled across this post because you are in the same boat, please check out the following website: wellconsidered. Here you will find an AS3 component for Web Services. So far it has been a great blessing.


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say thanks -- months after the post was written, sure.

Thanks for taking the time to save everyone else some time, most commenters say nothing, or say something mean. So here you go: THANK YOU!!

Unknown said...

thanks for this!

Philip said...

Yep I remember the AS2 WebServiceConnector... didn't realise AS3 dropped this.


Anonymous said...

Can't find the weblink that you posted here. Please help if it's not really a dead weblink