Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Basement is hiring! (Flash Developer)

The Job description on krop asks for a Lead Flash Developer, but don't count yourself out if you are a very talented Junior Dev with an eagerness to learn.

Check out the job description and how to apply here.

Check out our homepage to learn more about The Basement.

Best of luck!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Flash Gaming - April 29th Meeting (Flash Indianapolis)

Date: April 29th

Professors Powers, Ludwick, Stewart, Laranja, and many of the student team members will be presenting Vectren, a game that was created at IUPUI. You can test out Vectren here.

- Credit Roll -
Mathew A. Powers > Game Mechanics and Head of the Programming Team
John Brian Ludwick > Head of Animation & Art team
Jennifer Stewart > PI on project and Head of website and database team
Ricardo Laranja > Head of music and sound effects

Programming > Corey Callahan, Zach Carr, Kyle McKnight
Animation & Art > Jackie Crofts, Trever Barger, Sean Winburn
Website > Chris Basham
Sound > ?

6:00pm: Doors open. Everyone can meet and greet.
6:30pm: Presentation Begins.
7:30pm: Open Floor
8:00pm: McNivens?

We will be in the conference room of Noodles & Co.
903 Indiana Ave
Indianapolis, IN

RSVP at Flash Indianapolis.

Monday, April 12, 2010

KFC - Komen Promotion Goes Live (Flash, Papervision3D)

We here at the Basement have been hustling to get this one out the door. Its a joint promotion between KFC (the Colonel with his weeeee bitty eyes!) and Susan G. Komen for the Cure. KFC will be selling pink buckets of chicken and some of the proceeds will go towards fighting the cure for cancer.

Learn more (and see our work) here: http://www.bucketsforthecure.com/. Or if you prefer Espanol: http://www.cubetasparalacura.com/