Saturday, July 5, 2014

Two and a Half

I hate to start with a cliche but time flies. Its been two and a half years since I have posted an update!

I'm still going strong at Kihon. We are in beta on our 4th title: Conquest of Champions which is in Early Access on Steam or you can download it from the site on PC/Mac. Eventually we want to get it to tablets and be cross-platform but the current focus is to iterate quickly on the desktop.

In 2013 we launched Dojo Danger.

In 2012 we launched SketchPhrase.

Earlier in 2012 we raised a round with Rick Thompson and made Kihon a legit business... well, I guess it was always legit but raising a round, hiring employees, etc really raises the stakes a bit.

And then of course there was Baby Monkey which I posted about in 2011.

On a technical side I've gone from Flash to Cocos2D to Unity3D.  I personally still have a soft spot for Flash, especially when it comes to tweens and animations.  However, I must admit Unity3D is a pretty powerful engine from a team's perspective.  Cocos2D was OK but I'd recommend skipping over it and just going straight to Unity3D, especially now that they are making an effort to support 2D natively.

I still keep my hands in the code and game production though admittedly is becoming less and less over the years.  I'm probably spending less than half my time coding now while the rest has gone to running the company and everything that entails.

I hope to post a bit more about the business side and the inner workings of Kihon as I originally intended when I was just starting years ago... however, I would be naive to promise such a thing.  Hopefully I will be on here again soon though. Until then!