Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Aviary Invites

Just got an invite to test out the Aviary Image Editor and Pattern Maker. I have 5 extra invites if anyone is interested... just post a comment below.

If you have not heard of Aviary, just think online editing tools similar to the Adobe suite (images, typography, music, 3d, video, etc).

My first impression is a very positive one. I have seen online image editors that crop and remove red eye, but this is much much deeper. Their Image Editor (Phoenix) includes layers, history, filters, and some of my favorite Photoshop tools such as clone and transform. Their Pattern Maker (Peacock) has a slick interface that allows you to swap in filters with easy. It is hard to explain, so check out this video from Mario Klingemann.

The software still has some bugs to work out. I was getting an error each time I tried to save an image and then import it. I had better luck just exporting it to my desktop and then importing it from there.

I'll post more if I get some time to experiment with it. Let me know if you are interested in an invite.


Anonymous said...

I would really appreciate an invite.
My email is


Anonymous said...

I would like one, pleaaase! my mail is:


sorry for brackets... never trust :)

Ickydime said...

Sorry, missed the comment until just now for some reason... Just sent the invite.

Unknown said...

Phoenix looks great- I can't wait to try it out!

if you have any invites left, I would really like one...


Anonymous said...

Hey, I would love an invite as well. What a guy!

Anonymous said...

Whoops, you'll need this to send it!!