Thursday, May 1, 2008

Teachin em Real Good [part Dos]

I decided to make the teaching article ongoing by adding multiple parts. In Part Uno I mentioned the importance of an online portfolio and ensuring each project would find its way into the portfolio as part of the assignment. In this brief post I want to address a few of the logistics of this plan.

Most of the items the students need would be free (such as flickr, youtube, blogger), but they would also have to have an actual portfolio site. To take care of this, I would require the students to buy a domain instead of requiring them to buy a book. I would recommend them to buy "Colin Moock's Essential Guide to AS3", but I would require a domain. It doesn't have to have any fancy hosting or bells and whistles. It can be a simple $25 dollar a year dotEasy website and they can cancel it as soon as the class if over if they like. I am not sure if Administration would allow that, but the website is much cheaper than most books so I don't see why not.