Friday, May 23, 2008

Adobe Feed Reader = More Traffic (Part Tres)

I have been on Adobe Feeds for just over a week now. When I first got accepted I wrote Part 1 which basically said I was getting a whopping 10 visits per weekday and 5 visits per each weekend day.

After my first post using Adobe Feeds I wrote Part 2 which basically showed a drastic increase over the course of 24 hours. That first post received 55 unique visitors.

Now for Part 3. How has it impacted my week? Well, up until yesterday I had ranged anywhere from 18-61 visitors on the weekdays and 8/10 visitors on the weekend days (can you even say weekend day, that sounds off). I received the 18 on a day I did not make a post. I received a 29 on a post about scale9Grid, which a bit old school. I received 27 when I posted about Hulu and Pandora which were not flash related. But I received 55, 47, 61 on days I posted about relevant flash topics.

That was of course not including yesterday. Yesterday blew everything out of the water. I received 101! My first time hitting triple digits on visitors. I am pretty pumped about it. Thanks for anyone who took a minute to visit. You made my day. I think a lot of it had to do with a late post on Wednesday night (6pm) and an early post on Thursday morning (11am). I think the carry over from Wednesday night was what pushed me over the top.

Anyways, my 3 part experiment on Adobe Feeds is now complete. Adobe Feeds obviously does a great job of increasing traffic (10 fold using the most extreme case). I'll plan on posting more findings from google analytics in the future. Just because I find it interesting to see where traffic is coming from and how it snowballs as the site matures.

Thanks for visiting, I greatly appreciate it. Keep the comments, suggestions, and criticism flowing.

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