Friday, May 2, 2008

Official Move Out Date

I am being exiled from Lebanon on the Sunday the 4th.

Things that will be sorely missed:

- The fourth of July Parade. If you want to attend next you please mark off you section of the sidewalk at least a week in advance, if not 2. And my mark off I mean put down stakes and attach rope around the area that you would like to sit... possibly even leave your chairs there for easy access.
- Lebanon Lights... Oh man, Christmas in Lebanon is like no other. Ever want to see Santa Claus on a Tracker pulling corn? Ever want to see someone actually have a lamp leg (from the movie) in their window? Ever want to see a tractor fully decorated in lights? Now if your chance. Well maybe not now, but December is your chance.
- El Jariepeo (I know its a chain, but this one is the best.... ever.... I haven't been to another because this one is so good.)
- The Depot (T is not silent in this case). Pabst Blue is on special, need I say more? Definitely check out Taco Tuesday for a tasty treat.
- The Historical Family Video. I do not appreciate their jank store or over priced late fees... no, not so much. But what I do appreciate is that Abe Lincoln spoke outside of the Family video and there is a plaque to prove it.
- The gym from Hoosiers. I can make granny shots all day.
- The bar that is right next to the men's recovery center. They must advertise for each other.

I am sure I will think of more... but for now this gets you the general Idea.

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