Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Adobe Feed Reader = More Traffic?

I applied to get on Adobe Feed awhile ago and am happy to announce that this blog has been officially accepted today.

Basically Adobe Feed allows designers/developers using Adobe products to monitor over 1870 feeds (according to their FAQ). So hopefully, every time I post something here, it will get shown on the Adobe Feed reader and reach a broader audience. I still need to thumb through the fine print. It sounds like I may need to jump through a couple hoops before the reader picks up my new posts.

Anyways, the ultimate goal is to get some more traffic. I am currently averaging about 10 unique visitors each weekday according to google analytics. On the weekends it slips to less than 5. It will be interesting to see how much Adobe Feed reader increases my average or if it even has any effect at all. I will definitely keep you posted.


Quentin said...

Well, seems like your posts get aggregated!
How long did it take for you to be added to Adobe Feeds?

Ickydime said...

Not sure. I applied once a month and a half ago but I only had a few posts at that time. And then I applied sometime last week.

So depends on if they ignored the first request and accepted the second or if the first one is just now going through.