Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Officially Done With Freelance

I've been doing freelance multimedia work on top of my job/classes for about the last 5 years. Initially I would take anything I could get: Video, Interactive CD, Web Site, Flash Animation, mow someone's lawn... it didn't matter. Over time I started to narrow it down a bit. I'd only accept web related work... mainly html, css, and of course Flash. Within the last year I had only been accepting Flash projects.

As of today... I am accepting nada. NO NADA NO MORE. Feels good, real good actually. It used to be exciting to have an extra project to work on in the evenings, but now it is just a burden. Freelance was a hobby and a passion... but now my job has become my passion which is a great feeling. Any time I would have used for Freelance I would like to dump back into the Basement. We have so many cool projects coming up, I want to focus and make them badass.

Will keep you posted on upcoming projects as they develop. Also, if you are in need of some freelance work I might know of some people looking for a Flash developer... just drop a comment.


Jordan Baumgardner said...

Man I would love some leads, I just left www.viewmylife.com , they er, had some issues. It's a flex/postgress/C# site. All done in about 7 months. I've gone freelance now and looking to get back to coding.
-- Thanks!

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