Monday, June 16, 2008

3D TV's and the Future

Yesterday I watched 3D Sea Monsters at the IMAX. Great stuff. It really makes you want to just reach out and grab a hold of the fishies on the screen.

It had been awhile since I have gone to a 3D movie and I found it interesting that they no longer use the green/red goggles and instead had some tinted blue ones. While trying to figure out how the new goggles worked I stumbled across an article from last week on the Technology Review called "3-D Viewing without the Goofy Glasses".

Basically the article states how Phillips is developing TVs that have special lenses attached to the front of the screen that enable people to view things in 3D (I wonder if they will jump out of the screen as far as the goggles allow them too). If this is true then that means no more goofy goggles and better yet, no more having to go to the IMAX or theme park to experience 3D video. They are hoping to bring it into every home and have it be the next big thing since HD.

That got me thinking... If they can do that, then the next step would be to make it interactive. I want to hold a wiimote (or whatever is fashionable at the time) and interact with this 3d world. Better yet, I want a glove that gives feedback in the fingertips when I try to touch a fishy floating by. Also, if its on the TV then I want it on my monitor. I want 3D Flash jumping out of the screen when I view the web.

Maybe I want to much, but I don't see why any of these ideas would not occur in the near future.


Anonymous said...

haptic holographics eh??? i like where your head is at...

Konstantin said...

I saw one such TV last week, and it was AMAZING. As for the wii remote or a glove....the depth perception was not deep enough to reach by hand...I think there are limitations over how far those images can be projected from the screen.

Ickydime said...

Thanks for the comment. Where was this TV? at a show of some sort? or has it gone commercial already?

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