Tuesday, June 3, 2008

MochiAds "adds" version Control and Encryption

I am a big fan of MochiAds and think they provide a great service for aspiring game developers. If you don't know what they are about, basically they help game developers get their games distributed on the web and assist in placing advertisements within the game. The service is free and then they share the advertisement profits 50/50 with the developer.

Judging from a recent post on their forum it sounds like their latest update will have 2 new features.

1. Version Control. So if you upload a new version of your game. Users will be prompted to download the update before they play. Pretty cool... no longer will there be different versions of popular games floating around the web.

2. Encryption. This should help prevent people from decompiling your game and stealing source code. There are 2 sides of this issue. Some people believe that all Flash files should have their source readily available to promote learning/better coding practices. Lee Brimelow would probably fall on this side of the fence. On the flip side, some people think decompiling is stealing/unethical.

Personally, I am cool with it as long as its for the right reason: to learn. If you want to see how something was done and pick up some tips... great. If you are actually copying and pasting code, then we have a problem. And that is where this encryption could be handy.


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