Sunday, February 20, 2011

New Job: Going Freelance / Indie (Game Development)

Roughly two weeks ago I parted ways with Sony.  It was a short ride, but very fruitful.  My exit was on the best possible of terms and I have been told the door is always open to return... which is the ideal situation whenever you part ways.  I believe my exit went smoothly mainly because I made sure I stayed on board with Wildlife Refuge all the way from start to finish and waited until we were in a stable maintenance mode before I made my departure.  I highly recommend making every possible effort to tie up any loose ends and meet any previous obligations before departing ways w/ an employer... although I realize that can not always be done.

Anyways, I learned a great deal from working with the Tucson Studio and feel I am much better prepared to face the gaming Industry.  Without Sony & the people I worked with there I do not believe I would have the confidence I do today to go into freelance/indie game development.

I can not speak about current projects at the moment, but I am sure I will open up more in the near future.

If you are working on any games (iOS Mobile or Flash), feel free to hit me up:  



Chris Z. said...

Hey man I found your blog because I am here in Tucson and was interested in what SOE Tucson had to offer.

I know you can't say specifically what you are working on but are you doing contract work or are you trying to make an app?

I would quit and work on an app if I could. I think this is why I don't:

Ickydime said...

Exploring all options at this point. That comic strip is very uplifting though... haha

What are you working on currently?

Chris said...

Hey I am working on a platformer game for Xbox indie games. It is in the prototype phase right now I should have a video and some screens in the next week or two.

Now that you are indie you should check out the IGDA meetings in Phoenix. I have been to a few (and even a game jam) up there. There is a real strong indie scene.

Tigsource is also big in idie dev and half that website is made up of that Phx crew.