Friday, February 25, 2011

And the Winner is...

The judges have spoken and the votes have been tallied.  It was a very close competition, cheers to all of the entries!  Below are the top three winners from the Hackathon Game Competition.  If you participated and I have not yet reached out to you, please send me your contact information so I can put you in touch with our sponsors. My contact: ickydime[ at ]



$50 donated by Mochi Media
Featured on GamesChart 


$100 donated by Mochi Media
Featured on GamesChart 

Food Bank Delivery
Food Bank Delivery 
by Jacob Grygowski

One Master Adobe Suite donated by Lee Brimelow & Adobe
One Pro License to GameBuilder Studio (once it is released)
Feature Review by JayIsGames 
Featured on GamesChart 

This includes the above winners along with: New ContinentsThe Feeder, and PYC - Pair Your Charity.

FDT 4 Pure donated by Bruno Fonzi of FDT ($129 value).
Invite to Private Beta to GameBuilder Studio 
Single Developer License to Push Button Engine's Isometric Component ($50 value).  
Recognized as Hackathon Supporters and projects will be displayed/promoted in our official records and online releases.

Voting Continues for People's Choice award.  We will announce the winner for People's choice at the beginning of March.

Thank you to all of the judges for taking the time to thoroughly play and critique each game and thus make this event a success: Jeff FultonSteve, FultonIain LobbKeith Peters, and Squize.


mehdadoo said...

I couldn't just get the Mercy game to play.

mehdadoo said...

When i asked a developer from sandy3D to help me, he said:

"you know, you can create this technically complex game, and then some 12 years kid will make 2D game with same idea and shitty graphics, and jury will be like "awwww isn't that soooo cuuute", and he shall get the money, I've been in these situations, sorry"

Now i see he is not a member of sandy3D by random!

Ickydime said...

Had the competition been about technical merit, you would have been the clear winner. But technical difficutly != a good game.

Take Spore for example. Ridiculously hard to make. Technically amazing. But just not very fun.

Minecraft on the other hand. While technically impressive for one man, it is no where near as complex as Spore. Additionally, it has terrible graphics and looks archaic. But that doesn't matter as the game is extremely fun and addictive.

Hopefully that does not discourage you though! Your ability to pick up a new technology and whip out a complex game in a short amount of time will help you be very success.

mehdadoo said...

Yes actually, you are absolutely right.

also, i will try to win the come2play competition, this time by asking a game-play designer to join me.

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