Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Free FDT 4 Pure & Chance at Max!

The Flash community continues to impress w/ its generosity as Bruno Fonzi of FDT added to our list of goodies for Hackathon's Flash Game Competition.

FDT will donate a FDT 4 Pure licence to ALL participants.  This is a $129 value.  Combined with our previous prizes that means you get roughly $180 in software, private beta software, and free PR just for ENTERING the competition.  Since the free prizes are piling up I did add an additional rule: 
You can be disqualified from receiving any prizes if your game is deemed to be not compliant with the spirit of this event.
That rule was added in case someone uploaded something completely un-related to the competition and slap a Hacakthon tag on it and ask for a handout.  

But Wait... There's More!  Act now and we will throw in a free knife set!  ;)   Just kidding about the knife set. But seriously, there is more.  FDT will also be donating a FDT 4 Max license worth $699 dollars!  We created a new category for this prize: The People's Choice and community voting will occur shortly after the deadline.

That brings us to well over 3000 dollars in winnable prizes and that doesn't include the 180 dollars in prizes for all participants.  You really can't go wrong here... make a charitable game and we will hook you up!