Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Flash Game Competition (Stanford, Adobe, Mochi, JayIsGames & more!)

Stanford University's 2011 Hackathon is throwing a three week long Flash Game Competition in conjunction with their upcoming philanthropic coding marathon.  We have lined up prizes valued over $3000 and an all-star cast of judges!  Anyone can enter so check out the details below and post any questions you may have.

DEADLINE: February 13th at Noon PST


As Wikipedia states, Benevolence is the act of, or a general inclination towards, charity. However you interpret the theme is up to you.  Possible ideas include but are not limited to:

  • The game could be about charitable acts in general.
  • It could be about a particular charity.
  • It could draw awareness to a certain cause.
  • It could educate on an issue.
  • The game could be unrelated to charity but then donate its proceeds to a charity.
  • It could take the word Benevolence and twist it in any manner that deems fun an appropriate.
Judges will be instructed to choose a game that not only do they enjoy the most but also ties best in the theme described above.





  • FDT 4 Max donated by Bruno Fonzi of FDT ($699 value). The voting for People's Choice will occur shortly after the deadline.

  • FDT 4 Pure donated by Bruno Fonzi of FDT ($129 value).
  • Invite to Private Beta to GameBuilder Studio 
  • Single Developer License to Push Button Engine's Isometric Component ($50 value).  Generously donated by GameBuilder Studio to anyone who wants to use it in the competition. This is Available now! All you need to do is validate that you are entering the competition by e-mailing me with your game concept and contact information.  Then either myself or Lavon will send you instructions so you can use this immediately.  My contact: ickydime[ at ]yahoo.com
  • Recognized as Hackathon Supporters and projects will be displayed/promoted in our official records and online releases.

  • MochiAds needs to be enabled to ensure that we can find your game in the database.  However, since this is a charitable event, you do not need to use the standard network ad.  Instead, feel free to use a 'Custom Ad' that coincides with your game's theme/charity.  
  • Tag Your Game: In order to properly find your game, you must tag it “hackathon2011” without the quotes.
  • You can be disqualified from receiving any prizes if your game is deemed to be not compliant with the spirit of this event.

This contest is directly tied to Stanford University’s Hackathon, which is a software development branch of Dance Marathon. Their 24hr Hackathon will start on February 12th and finish on noon of the 13th in conjunction with this contest. All entries to this competition will be considered part of Hackathon and thus gain the recognition and promotion from the Hackathon organization. You will retain all rights to your code and final creations. You can learn more about Hackathon at their website.

Post any questions you have below. Good luck!


Iain said...

To get everyone started, I'm giving away the source code to a game!


Bruno Fonzi said...

Great event! Would love to donate Powerflasher FDT licenses for this event too. Please let me know how I can proceed.

Ickydime said...

@Bruno, awesome! Drop me an e-mail (ickydime [at] yahoo) with exactly what and how many you want to give... and if you have any requirements for who gets them. Thanks for your support, we greatly appreciate it!

Be5ik said...

Wow, awesome guys. Please excuse my ignorantness all I have to do is upload my project to MochiAds, tag it with "hackathon2011", come up with a "Custom Ad", and that will register me? Also are we allow to use third party libs(hope so o_O)? Thank you so much, surely bless to be judged by jedi masters as your selfs. Look forward to seeing what the community has to offer.

Ickydime said...

You need to upload your game to MochiMedia and tag it 'hackathon2011' as you said. You do not need to use a custom ad... that is entirely up to you. BUT you will need to ensure your game adheres to the theme of this competition and that it entails Benevolence/Charity in some fashion... otherwise you will be disqualified.

Feel free to use 3rd party libraries as you see fit.

Good luck!

Steve Fulton said...

Wow. This is the first contest I have wanted to enter in long time...and I can't!

Ickydime said...

Sorry man! I should have told you more about the event before I asked you guys to be judges. ;)

mehdadoo said...

I am not native English so,

I'd like to know if the concept of "helping poor people in disasters and rescue missions" would fit in that "BENEVOLENCE" theme?

Ickydime said...

Yes! That definitely works. I look forward to seeing what you create.

mehdadoo said...

My playable game about is available here:


I was lucky i could finish my game before 12:00 GMT Feb 13th

Jason said...
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Jason said...
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