Monday, April 12, 2010

KFC - Komen Promotion Goes Live (Flash, Papervision3D)

We here at the Basement have been hustling to get this one out the door. Its a joint promotion between KFC (the Colonel with his weeeee bitty eyes!) and Susan G. Komen for the Cure. KFC will be selling pink buckets of chicken and some of the proceeds will go towards fighting the cure for cancer.

Learn more (and see our work) here: Or if you prefer Espanol:


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Erma in NY said...

I am pretty shocked that Komen would work with KFC for this promotion. This gives charities a bad name in that they would be so anxious to raise money that they would partner with a fast-food establishment that has contributed to the obesity epidemic in this country. Hey Komen, last time I looked obesity was linked with breast cancer. Don't you read the research you say you fund? This is so outrageous next thing you know they are going to be on the side of a carton of cigarettes. Am I the only one who got this???? Shame on you Komen.