Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Flash Gaming - April 29th Meeting (Flash Indianapolis)

Date: April 29th

Professors Powers, Ludwick, Stewart, Laranja, and many of the student team members will be presenting Vectren, a game that was created at IUPUI. You can test out Vectren here.

- Credit Roll -
Mathew A. Powers > Game Mechanics and Head of the Programming Team
John Brian Ludwick > Head of Animation & Art team
Jennifer Stewart > PI on project and Head of website and database team
Ricardo Laranja > Head of music and sound effects

Programming > Corey Callahan, Zach Carr, Kyle McKnight
Animation & Art > Jackie Crofts, Trever Barger, Sean Winburn
Website > Chris Basham
Sound > ?

6:00pm: Doors open. Everyone can meet and greet.
6:30pm: Presentation Begins.
7:30pm: Open Floor
8:00pm: McNivens?

We will be in the conference room of Noodles & Co.
903 Indiana Ave
Indianapolis, IN

RSVP at Flash Indianapolis.

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