Saturday, September 19, 2009

Indianapolis Art Scene (Art vs Art, Oranje, Penrod, Psst3)

Its a great time of the year for the Indy art scene. Last week kicked it off with a Screening of "PSST3 Pass it on" on Friday and then Penrod, the Indianapolis Art Museum's sponsored art show on Saturday.

The fun continues tonight with Oranje, which is a mix of art and music. Self described on their website as being:

ORANJE is a contemporary art & music event showcasing progressive artists and musicians. The goal of ORANJE is to create an interactive experience of art and music presented in a stimulating, urban environment.

Then next Friday we have one of my all-time favorite art events: Art vs. Art at the Vogue. The best way to understand this event is to check out the videos on their homepage. Basically, it 2 art pieces square off in a 1v1 competition. The piece that gets the crowd to scream the loudest goes on to the next round. The losing piece has a chance to get auctioned off. If it does not sell for enough money, it will suffer the consequences of the "Wheel of Death" and get destroyed. This setup brings out a mix of emotion because you don't want to see pieces you like get destroyed... yet at the same time its kinda fun to watch so you can't help but cheer on their destruction.

Even if you can't make the event, you can have a saying in which pieces make the final tournament by checking out the following site and voting:


Stephen James said...

Hey Mark, Rachel and I are glad that the arts community is so active. Rachel had some work up at Oranje. I'm trying to make it easier to monitor (aggregate) the arts community at Indy Art news. I should be adding some of solely art blog feeds in the next few weeks.

I'm running into the issue of what defines local art and of course the easiest thing for a development basis is anything that happens in the geographic area and not artists that live locally.

Ickydime said...

Great Idea for a site. I'll definitely keep an eye on it.

As far as defining what qualifies... I think from a viewers perspective I would be more interested in any events that were happening in my geographic location. If someone was coming in from NY for a show, I'd like to know. On the flip side, if a local artist was flying to NY for a show... I wouldn't care as much since I won't be able to attend.

I think geography of the event is more important than whether or not the artist lives locally.