Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Flash Indianapolis (Sept): Augmented Reality

Chauncey Frend earned his undergrad degree from IUPUI's Media Arts & Science program and is currently earning a Masters degree in Media Arts and Science. He works for IU's Advanced Visualization Lab as and Analyst/ Programmer. His work includes the construction of an immersive smell movie theater, and for graduate school he is building an Augmented Reality outdoor video game using a golf cart and head mounted display. He is preparing to submit his portfolio to Disney Imagineering. You can see a lot of this work on the blog.

Chauncey will be speaking about his experience with Augmented Reality using the FLARToolKit with Flash and Flex. He will be discussing and showing design examples of his outdoor video game that will be in AR. A few demos will be shown from his work with AR for Indiana University's summer camps. Then we will open up for discussion about the actual value of Augmented Reality for present times.

6:00pm: Doors open. Everyone can meet and greet.
6:30pm: Presentation Begins.
7:30pm: Open Floor. Discuss Next Month
8:00pm: McNivens

We will be in the conference room of Noodles & Co. Address is found on the events page.

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