Monday, August 17, 2009

SXSW Panels are up for Voting... I may have a Suggestion

2000+ panels to choose from is a bit overwhelming... let me help you out and narrow it down a bit for you... just vote for this guy:

Here is a brief description:
This presentation is for anyone who has a passion to work in the interactive industry but is currently not at their dream job. Whether you are a graduating student or disgruntled professional, this presentation will focus on avenues to take in order to break into the industry.

Unfortunately, if you are here at my blog, then I would guess that you are already in the field, already participating in the community, and already know what it takes to keep up with the latest and greatest... HOWEVER, if you think my topic would be good for Students, Beginners, and people mentioned in my description, then go here vote for me.


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