Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Flash CS4 != Crash

Back in November of last year I vented about how often Flash CS4 crashed. The blog post became fairly popular and still seems to be one of my top 5 posts read each month.

Back in May, Adobe released an update to Flash CS4 which Galvan discusses the specifics here. Ever since I downloaded that update, running Flash CS4 has been extremely smooth. I no longer have the crashes that I had before. I no longer save every time before I compile (although that one will probably bite me at some point). I am not going to say it hasn't crashed since that update... but I will say that I can't remember the last time it did crash. I know I just jinxed myself hard core, but it needed to be said.

Flash CS4 != Crash. The doors are open for those of you who ran away and the light is green for those of you who waited for a safe build.

And no, I am not being paid by Adobe. Although donations from Adobe would be accepted ;)


Anonymous said...

Lucky you are :)
Last update did not help me. Have a problem with old CS3 project. When I compile it under CS4 for Flash Player 9( or 10) I have long list of runtime errors. It's very confusing because it should not be a difference between CS3 and CS4 for pure AS3.

Ickydime said...

runtime or even compile time errors don't sound like a bug to me. They sound like a setup issue.

What are the first three errors listed at the top of the list?

Unknown said...

Didnt work for me. I submit atleast one crash per day even when i try working for 1 hour on cs4 :( I hopes the update fixes things for me. I can still reproduce certain crashes which are pretty funny like when deleting an image from library. Real fail version, money lost.

Anonymous said...

Flash EQUALS crash. I'm having crashes every 20 minutes.

Just check this poll: I'm NOT alone:

Ickydime said...

His post and that poll are from March, and at that time I would have full heartily agreed with you (as shown in my November post)... But with their May patch, everything is much much much better. Try doing an update and see if you still have issues.