Sunday, March 29, 2009

ickydime Blog Birthday: 1 Year

A year ago today, my blog embargo was lifted and I set out to find peace justice and happiness... or something like that. Instead I found a bunch of geeky guys who enjoy talking about the same things I do ;). That has been the greatest take-away of this experience so far... being able to make many friends and connections in the community that I would not have even met without this blog.

Now with the mushy stuff out of the way, lets get down to the dirty business. Who the hell reads what I have to say... better yet, why?

May 08 was my first Month of Analytics. I wrote 19 posts and received 919 hits. I sent countless reminders to family and friends, "HEY LOOK AT ME! I AM BLOGGING!". Funny. They would visit, bless their hearts, and then they would say "I don't get it".

A lot has changed since then. This will be my 7th post of March 09 and I am already over 8000 hits on the month. Last week I wrote only 1 post and received 1,886 hits on the week. For you non-math majors, that is double my entire first month while taking only 1/19th of the number of posts to get there. So if I am not spamming/begging my family and friends anymore... how am I tricking people into coming here?

Here is what the analytics say:
30,000 hits came from google search.
5,000 came directly
2,350 came from FlashBookMarks (thanks Ringo!)
2,000 came from Adobe Feeds.
1,500 from google referral
600 from Fullasagoog
300ish from Netvibes, reddit, and actionscriptclasses
241 from 8BitRocket. Their weekly Flash Game Development Inter-web mash up is a must read.
230 from Yahoo Search ***
175 from Flashkit
... and then all kinds of blog readers, twitter, linkedin, and a few friend's blogs such as AtomicBigWheelShow and GamingYourWay (thanks squize!).

Other fun facts:
Alexa Rank: 613,620
Technorati Authority: 12, Rank: 471018
Google Page Rank: 5

My main question from these numbers is how is Google's search raking in over 30k while Yahoo Search is sitting at 230 on the year? My google rank is high... much higher than I would expect after one year. I am guessing that the fact that I am using Google Blogger plays a big role in this. I can't prove that. But its a fair assumption that Google's search algorithm may be more friendly to blogger users than say yahoo. Other than that explanation, I have nothing. May yahoo knows I use their email as my junk account and I use gmail as my real one... maybe they hate me for it? I dunno. But if anyone can shed some light on the subject, I am all ears... or eyes (since it is light).

Well. Happy B-Day, Blog. I plan on continuing my current direction... which is forward. I hope to continue mingling with/infiltrating the Flash community. I hope to continue sharing my bumps and bruises and what I learn from them. And of course, I hope to continue my search for peace, justice, and happiness for all... or something like that.

Thanks everyone for stopping by!


Anonymous said...

\Congratulations/ :)


FreelanceFlashGames said...


About not receiving much traffic from yahoo, I think it's because Google is so much more popular than yahoo. Also yahoo uses a different way of indexing site.

I've heard that if you create an account at Yahoo and go to, then get it to follow your feed, Yahoo will index more of your sites content. I tried it with my site, and it seems to work a little bit.

Good luck with your site in the future, and keep writing good posts. :D

Ickydime said...

Hey thanks!

I just added it to my yahoo feed. Will see what happens.

side note... great post todaySaw it on 8BitRocket's mashup.

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Congratulations and happy birthday to your blog.

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