Saturday, March 29, 2008

Blog Embargo

Here it is. The first post. For better or for worse, I am now a blogger. I have been wanting to create this for awhile now, but my previous employer had a rule against them. The rule went something like this: No Blogs. Sooooo yeah, not much wiggle room there. But now I am onto a new job. I start next Monday at a little place in Indy called the Basement Design + Motion. I am very pumped to say the least. Nothing against Simulex, my previous employer. They have a very exciting future ahead of them and I will always cherish my time and experiences there. I am just ready for a change. Ready to move out of "beautiful" Lebanon Indiana. Ready to get back to Indianapolis. Ready to get my hands dirty with some creative Flash pieces.

What shall I do with this new freedom to blog? I am still working on that. It will probably start with random thoughts and interesting things I find on the web. Hopefully with some experience and possibly some maturity my random thoughts will evolve into some insightful knowledge about Flash development, internet marketing, and life itself. We'll see if that pans out.

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Circle City News said...

Mark - nice job on your first blog my friend and welcome back to Indy