Friday, February 6, 2009

Robotic Lawn Mowers are Taking over the World (Flash 10)

Maybe they are not taking over the world... I may have made that part up. But we did just finish a Flash 10 site that involves Robotic Lawn Mowers. The company is called Precise Path, its another startup backed by Scott Jones (inventor of the Voice Mail and creator of Cha Cha).

The Basement team handled the design and development of the site, the 3D models/motion, and all compiled videos... so basically everything you see. I'm very proud of everyone involved, it was a very enjoyable project. Granted I didn't sleep much ;), but being able to work on a Flash 10 site with some kick ass designers for a cutting edge product/client was very rewarding.

It was one of those sites that I just hated to quit working on. Had the timeline and budget allowed for it, we could have worked for weeks. Adding more bling bling and functionality to the site. But as Rands recent blog post says, sometimes you need to define when we are done.

With that being said, please check out the site and let me know how you would improve on it if you had more time and money.


Anonymous said...

How long did you take to do this project? And how many were there in the development team?

Ickydime said...

Good question. I can't speak for the design, project management, 3D modeling, or motion graphics (videos)... but as far as Flash Development goes it was just me and one other developer during a 1 month time span.

Looking back at my hours it is kind of funny. I put in about 40ish hours on this project alone each week, which would have been perfect had I not had other projects to deal with... unfortunately I had a fair load without counting this project on my plate, hence a very crazy month of Jan.

The other developer worked on an off for the first three weeks. Once we got it to revisions and debugging it was just me as far as development goes. But throughout the entire project I had some great help from everyone at the basement to make sure my job went as smooth as possible.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a tough one there :)