Friday, August 1, 2008

Triiibes: Social Network

Update: Just realized that the Triiibes site is based off of a company called Ning. Soooo yeah. So my critique of Triiibes is somewhat of a critique of Ning as well. Looks like it could be some very cool software to use to create a Flash Social Group.

I enjoy following Seth Godin's Blog and have read most of Meat Ball Sundae and the IdeaVirus (I say most because they tend to rehash after awhile and I lose interest. But I love his main points and general ideas).

Seth recently released a private social network called Triiibes. I have only been on it for a day now, but it seems to have some of the social aspects from Facebook as well as some of the professional aspects of LinkedIn. I think the main thing that sets it apart is that it is very focused on Marketing so the entire community should be able to connect at some level.

He says it is invite only until October 2008. I am sure that is a good marketing strategy similar to gmail invites, avairy invites, or even somewhat similar to the constant lack of supply of wii's. You want what you can't have it and creates a buzz.

I just wonder what will happen after October 2008. Once the flood gates are open will it be able to maintain a niche community of marketing professionals? Will people still line up to get in once they find out anyone and everyone can join? It will be interesting to find out.


Derek Rudd said...

Hey Mark, do you have any extra invites. I would love to check this out.

Ickydime said...

Seth actually just re-opened sign ups:

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