Friday, August 15, 2008

3D Flash... Sharikura Could become Open Source

I am sure many of you have seen the very impressive Ecodazoo site. It was a site of the month on FWA and also featured in the August edition of Adobe Edge.

While viewing the site I initially assumed it was either Papervision3D or Away3D. Turns out it was actually done using ROXIK's personal 3D engine called Sharikura.

Hearing/Reading the name ROXIK is a serious blast from the past. I remember his 3D Face portfolio page from a couple years ago... back in the AS2 days, pre Papervision era. He used the same engine to create the popular PicTaps, which used to have a really cool Pepsi rendition, but it seems to be down.

Anyways, he has created some sick projects with his engine that are incredibly impressive. I am not sure if its just his talent or if the engine is actually better than the current open source projects available, but we may soon find out. I recently read that he has not released the source yet since it is unfinished, but hopes to release it as open source in the future. Read the full quote here.

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