Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Blog Analytics: 4 Month Review

I find google analytics fascinating and check it daily just to see who has checked out this blog. Most sites/blogs seem to keep that information hush hush, but I want to try to break that trend by putting analytic information out in the open and hopefully learn something in the process about my site and my readers.

I've posted a few times before on how Adobe Feeds has increased my traffic. Today I want to just throw out some general stats from the past three months (The blog has been around for 4, but I didn't add analytics until 1 month in).

Visits Per Month:
May: 919
June: 1684
July: 2342

Posts Per Month:
March: 3
April: 17
May: 19
June: 6
July: 8 (as of today.. and yes, I know I am slacking)

Traffic Sources:
Search Engines: 52%
Referring Sites: 33%
Direct Traffic: 15%

Referring Sites Total Hits:
feeds.adobe.com: 517
FlashBookMarks.com: 297
SeoMoz.org: 60
ActionScriptClasses.com: 58

The rest is either google, direct, or things like netvibes, twitter, and blogger.

Other random tid bits:
- Over 65% of my readers use Firefox, only 17% use IE. 13% Use safari. (Not your typical distribution)
- The blog has been visited by 96 different countries.
- The most hits received on a single day was 209 on July 17th.

If you have any questions, please fire away. I want to keep this blog as transparent as possible.

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