Monday, August 9, 2010

My Sister is a Badass (Stippling, Pointillism, Portfolio)

Besides being a 5'2 buck nothing powerlifter, she is also incredibly talented artist.

Last year I helped her get her portfolio together by tooling around with a simple Flash site that takes one of her pointillism drawings and makes it somewhat interactive by using a custom particle engine, which you should check out here.

The pointillism/stippling pieces are incredible. They take her months of concentration and patiences to complete. But once done, they are truly impressive. If you have any beer drinkers & Yeungling fans in your family, check this canvas out on etsy. The detail on it is crazy... the pictures do not do it full justice.

If you get a kick out of her work, be sure to add her on flickr and follow her blog. She is working on a 45 North Wine stipple that I am sure she will be posting more about in the near future.

Alright, enough pimping. Back to work everyone!

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