Sunday, June 13, 2010

New Job. New State. Still Ugly.

Besides a study abroad stint in London, I've never lived outside of Indiana. Right now I am typing while sitting on the floor (I have no chairs... or table for that matter) in Tucson Arizona. I accepted a job with Sony Online Entertainment and begin working full time tomorrow.

What does Sony want with a Flash Developer? Well, there is a huge gold rush for Flash based games in Facebook/social media. Google Flash Game jobs and you will get hits from Zynga/Playdom still growing, EA/Sony making the transition, and a plethora of startups trying to make their mark. And let me stop you right there before you mention farmville or mafia wars. I am sure some projects I work on will have similar features that many indie develops scuff at; however, it is my belief that the projects I will work on will have a bit more meat and strategy involved. At this point I should be very clear that this post and every post here-after are just my thoughts/opinions/etc. They in no way represent Sony. Just me rambling and spouting off.

I think that covers my bases. If you are in the Phoenix/Tucson area, hit me up. I am still trying to get a feel for the Flash & Gaming networks out here.


Lawrie said...

Well done on the new job - make sure you keep us posted on all your new projects.

Unknown said...

Hey man! Congrats - sounds like fun. I've recently started working with games a little more myself. You just helped me pick a conference session to go to ("Social Media apps" class at Flashbelt in MN). Hope to stay in touch with you. Good luck in AZ>

Anonymous said...

And I honestly hate games, but still. congratulations on a new job... good luck

P.S: what people are going to do without blogs, twitter and other BS. probably kill themselves... while being gang-raped by circumcised bankers

Taha Khan said...

You will do gr8, best of luck and keep us posted.

Unknown said...

So I've been trying to get your email but it's actually proving to be more difficult than I thought and I don't have a LinkedIn account yet to message you through. But, I just wanted to let you know that I won a contest put on by FFDMag because of an blog post that I wrote based on your article 'How to Become a Flash/Flex Developer.' If you're interested in reading it you can check it out here. The contest prize is a ticket to FITC San Fran. If you plan on being there let me know and I'll buy you a beer. Thanks

Ickydime said...

Just read your blog post... wow... I must admit I am quite speechless as that was very unexpected. Thanks for the kind words. Congrats on the free tickets! I wish I could take you up on that beer but I'll be striving to hit my first deadline at the end of August. I posted a brief comment on your blog so you should now have my e-mail. Keep in touch and best of luck!