Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hire me, Headblade (Based on the true story of Eric Romer)

Many people are on their way to becoming professional job searchers. They have their application process down to a science. When a new job gets posted they proceed with their usual routine:

1. tidy resume/portfolio
2. customize cover letter template
3. cross their fingers and hope for the best

Professional job searcher, in this context, becomes somewhat of an oxymoron. The better you get at your routine, the more times your routine has failed. Maybe it is time to break the mold?

Take this job posting from HeadBlade for example:
Interactive/Social Media Marketing Manager

HeadBlade, Inc. is seeking an Interactive Marketing Manager to strategize and execute online marketing initiatives and engage social media networks to further extend the brand and reach new customers. HeadBlade’s best known product is a proprietary head shaving razor on wheels that has revolutionized head shaving and received accolades for its design.

Eric Romer, a proud user of HeadBlade, found this job posting and felt it would be a perfect fit. He lists his specialties on LinkedIn as the following: "online brand management, search marketing, SEO, corporate blogging, integrating traditional advertising with new media".

Sounds good to me. His specialties match the job description, his experience meets/exceeds the requirements, and the fact that he has been using the product for four years doesn't hurt either.

If he sent in his resume & cover letter and then followed it with a strong finger cross he may have a chance. However, Eric decided to break the mold. Hell, Eric shattered the mold. Here is his approach:

1. Invent a unique identity for himself... a brand or slogan if you will: "Hire me, Headblade"
2. Create a twitter account: @HireMeHeadblade
3. Create a Facebook fan page.
4. Buy "" and tie it all together with a clean site & blog.
5. Proceed to apply for the Social Media job THROUGH Social Media outlets. His fan page is gathering steam. He has tweeted to HeadBlade directly and encourages others to do so as well. He was even able to get Lance Moore, wide receiver for the New Orleans Saints (for all you non-fantasy football players out there), to support his cause.

Where does the story go from here? I am not sure. However, if you were on the hiring end, would you go for the guy who is crossing his fingers or would you go with the guy who bought ""?

Update: Campaign was a success. He was hired during his visit this weekend. Begins working in 1 month!

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