Monday, November 16, 2009

Online Competition

I've sat here for way too long trying to come up with a more descriptive title. However, I don't want to pigeon hole myself by trying to describe the competition w/ a few catchy words... so lets just roll on into the details.

The thing is, its not one competition. Its a community for online competitions. The competitions can be very specific such as create a 3D model of a Sumo wrestler using Maya or they could be very generic such as create something that expresses the word "Tantalizing" using any medium as long as it can be captured in a digital form and uploaded to the site. If you make a fifty foot jello mold, that is perfect... just make sure you can take a picture of it that shows off its majesty.

Some competitions will just be for fun and the winners will get recognized on the site. Other competitions may be sponsored by a specific organization and geared towards their needs such as make an interactive Flash banner to raise awareness for Pica. Winners for these competitions may get money, software, or contract work. And lastly, we will have at least one competition a semester geared towards students and the winner of that competition will get a scholarship to any college/university in Indiana. Please note, you do NOT have to be from Indiana to participate in any of the competitions.

How do we determine the winners? Well a community vote of course. Everyone can view the submissions, leave feedback, and then vote for their favorites.

Still reading? Great, check out Indiana Uploaded and sign up for updates on when the site will go live. We are looking for people interested in competing, sponsoring events, and even people who just want to check out the art and vote.

The thing that excites me the most about this site is the potential. Right now, it can be molded into anything the community wants. If we get enough interest, this could be a great forum for holding Flash specific competitions such as 4k Flash games... The hard part will be getting enough people on the site to make it an active community. So quit reading... er wait. keep reading... sign up, invite your friends, and check the site often once it is live... OK, now quit reading.


Zeb said...

"Not only do I co-run the site, I'm a client!" Great work marketing this one!

If anyone knows high school teachers in the art and design fields please pass on this information!

Unknown said...

Community vote? As in me an all my imaginary fake profiels really like this submission? really?

Ickydime said...

@Zachary Yes, but each profile will need to correspond to a unique and validated e-mail address. Sure, you could create unlimited e-mail addresses but I think you would have more luck spending your time making a piece that is worthwhile.