Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Very Slick Web Portfolio: Mighty Dream

I've been on a kick of portfolio based blog posts ever since I got the gig to teach the "Online Portfolio" class at Butler University next semester.

Sick of them? Well, sorry. Move along, because as the title suggests I have another portfolio post for you.

I am biased, since he is my cousin and all, but Mighty Dream just got a huge face lift this month. And by face-lift I mean going from a splash page to a full service portfolio w/ integration into Tumblr and ties to social media. Check out what the Mighty Dream has to offer.

This portfolio has everything a portfolio should include. All the necessary information... check. A plethora of work... and quality work at that. You'll notice he only has his latest and greatest work... nothing that is outdated or things he no longer cares to pursue (like his old Flash projects or video work). And finally, like all great portfolios, the site itself is a worthy piece. It displays both his slick design skills as shown in the layout, logo, and custom icons AND his coder skills as shown by the dynamic aspects of the site. He describes both the design and code he used in his about page.

Agree? Disagree? Would love to hear some critique on either side of the fence.

*He did not put me up to this, nor does he know I am doing this.... I don't even think he knows I have seen the page yet.

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Eric Grossnickle said...

Indeed, I did not put him up to this. Or, did I? Seriously though, thanks for the post. I'm interested in any critiques, too.