Sunday, January 4, 2009

I'm Baaaaack!

Where did I go? Well I fell off the grid from Christmas Eve until today... 12 days! I haven't had that long of a break in 4 years. Have I mentioned I am very grateful to be at the Basement? Other companies I have worked for usually make a big push before years end, which means long hours and not much time off. Their priorities are upside down, forcing you to squeeze in time with the family during a period you should be focusing on them. The Basement, however, decided to close shop for over a week! Granted, tomorrow could be a swift kick in the balls and the next couple weeks will be packed with some late nights, but I would much rather face them after some time to recoup and refill my tank than face them during the holidays.

And I definitely refilled my tank. I decided not to take my laptop with me, I barely checked my e-mail, and I rarely kept my phone on me. Crazy, I know... yet somehow I survived. Funny how addicted to those items we become. Without them its almost like being home alone when the power goes out... soooo what do I do now? Well, I spent the first half at home with my family: board games, movies, naps, and some Wallyball. Mix in some big family meals and some gifts to exchange. I must give props to my brother for gifting the worst $15 gift in family history: a dead fetal pig. He is a biology teacher so he has access to those types of things. But wow, seeing my 6 year old cousin's expression when she pulled that out was priceless. She is probably scarred for life... but that is what she gets for picking my brother's gift.

I spent the second half also with my family, but this time in Florida: sun, beach, bike rides, crab races, sand volleyball, and kayaking with a dolphin. Did I mention sunny 75 degree weather all week? That might not mean a lot to some of you, but this week's high in Indianapolis is in the mid 30's... burrrrr.

Alright, so the tank is refilled, now what? I already said work is going to be a bit busy (so no work on the game for awhile). That is expected and I am ready. I want to do a year's end blog post as well as goals for next year. I will have those out in the next couple days. Other than that I guess its just back to business.

Thanks for checking in on me. Time to get back to it.

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