Friday, December 12, 2008

Work Hard, Play Hard

Someone forgot to send me the memo, I guess the saying "Work hard, Play Hard" has been retired for quite some time.

In my defense, when asked, "What is the work environment like at the Basement?" Its much easier to say Work Hard, Play Hard than it is to explain how we get our shit done on time with quality results while having a good time doing so. But I guess the former answer causes some people to shudder and do an internal vomit.

No one likes an internal vomit, so with that in mind I guess the saying is officially too clique and should be tossed in the waste bucket along with giving 110% or bringing your A game... altho I still kind of like that one.

So all of you out there like myself who unknowingly still used the classic Work Hard Play Hard slogan... its time to give it up... its time to let it go... its time to move on.