Monday, October 27, 2008

Surf The Crowds: New Game from the Basement

I'm very excited to announce that the Basement's first game went live today. Please check out SurfTheCrowds and let me know what you think (good, bad, and even the ugly). You can also find the link at KFCRocks.

I had a little fun with it this afternoon and took the liberty of placing some familiar faces on the character. I tried to keep a Flash theme but I might have strayed a bit:
Joshua Hirsch
Grant Skinner
Keith Peters
Chris Allen
John Grden (\m/)
Seb Lee-Delisle (you shouldn't put those types of pictures online, it may come back to bite you ;) )
Sarah Palin (couldn't resist)
Jesse Warden
Lee Brimelow
Aral Balkan
Dr. WooHoo (hair and all)
Steve Fulton (thx to both Steve and Jeff for giving their feedback/advice early on)

And then I can't post all those heads without doing it to myself... so here you go.

If you come up with some good characters, please post a comment with the link (you can obtain the link by e-mailing it to yourself from the win/loss screen) or send them my way: mark AT I am looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with, and of course I'll share what I think are the top ones.

Also, if you think you got a high score, please feel free to brag. Would like to see how high people can get it up to. Hints: You score more for being more accurate and hitting the arrow in the center. You get docked if you hit the keys extra or hold them down.

Hope you enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Awesome job well done:)


Ickydime said...

Thanks man... you know if you had a profile up on your site you would have found your face on this list too. maybe that is a good thing you don't have one online ;)

Anonymous said...

Ehe yeah happy about that.

BTW maybe you could do a trace bitmap on it, to fit more in the game.

Ickydime said...

We actually had all the artwork in vector at the start and then converted it to bitmaps for performance... We definitely sacrificed file size, but the performance increases from importing bitmaps, caching as bitmaps, and of course BLITTING is one of the main reasons this game can even hold a steady FPS.

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