Wednesday, September 10, 2008

VerveEarth: Blog Reader by Geography

Amy from the Basement recently showed me a site called VerveEarth.

Basically you can navigate across the globe similar to Google Maps and while you are doing so it will show different blogs in that region. You can then narrow down the blogs shown by selecting various tags. It seems like a very cool tool for exploring and finding new material to read. It appears to be similar to twitter in that you can become followers/fans of certain bloggers and receive updates when they post.

I am interested in seeing if I get any/many hits from that site. Not sure if there would be a large Flash following there, but it could bring in some readers from outside of the typical sources.

Side note: I was recently accepted on FullAsAGoog. It is similar to Adobe Feeds and FlashBookMarks, although I think it has been around a lot longer... at least that is the rumor on the street. Lots of good material cycling through, check it out if you get a chance.